5 Effective Foot Exercises for Back Pain Relief

5 Effective Foot Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a quite frequent infirmity which influences all age span. Pain in the lower part of the back is generally referred to as Lumbago says Thomas Gehrmann. It can be characterized as medium to intractable pain or distress in the area of the lower back. There are numerous causes of low back pain, but the most frequent causes of backache involve a poor posture, inappropriate lifting technique, obesity, mild trauma from athletic activities, etc. There are only a few peoples that are cognizant of the fact that our feet can play an influential role in contributing to the pain in the back.

Let’s explore the 5 effective foot exercises that can help you lower your back pain with Thomas Gehrmann, Colorado Springs Chiropractor.

1. Ankle Circles

Simply as feet get overlooked, so do ankles. Nevertheless, having mighty and adjustable ankles is a key to withdraw back pain and joint pain because vulnerable ankles manage to congeal up and that commences to prolonged pressure elsewhere on our body. For this activity solely lay on your spine and bring one leg up over your head says Thomas Gehrmann. Turn the ankle around clockwise for a count of 10, then change directions and twist counterclockwise for another 10. Switch legs and repeat, intend to do these 3x/day.

2. Toe Pressing 

Toe pressing helps to increase and regulate the flow of blood in our and thus helps us to lower and get relief from the back pain. In order to do this exercise, all you have to do is to stand vertical on the ground including bending your joints and grasp the ground with spiked toes. Retain this posture for 3 seconds and repeat it 10 times, for each foot. Implementing this technique on a daily basis will surely help you to get relief from the back pain.

3. Toe Walking Exercise for Back Pain

According to Thomas Gehrmann, toe walking is one of the most attractive and preeminent ways to strengthen the muscle in appendages and anklebones. The name of the exercise tells a lot more about it. Just utterly stand up on the tips of your toes and walk for at most succinct approximately for 15-20 seconds. Get down off your tiptoes and relax for a substantial 10 seconds or so. Performing 6 repetitions in a day will show you good results within a confined period of time.

4. Upward Stretching

Upward stretching can also help you in getting relief from the backache. All you have to do is sprawl down on the ground and extend your legs. Enclose your paws with a cloth and put them upwards, including knees straight. Retain the posture when the knee straightens with your head. Do the equivalent for the other leg. Performing this exercise twice a day will definitely show you the intermediate results.

5. Foot Massage for Back Pain Relief

Massage is one of the perfect ways to get relief from stress and pain. Whether it may be your arm, head, toes or back it will definitely show you its positive results. And in order to get relief from back pain by implementing foot exercises just keep a tennis ball on the ground and with your heels on it, start to push it ahead and back. A very relaxing, and jaunty massage will help diminish soreness and pain.

Final Words

According to an expert РThomas Gehrmann, these are simple and effective foot exercises that can help you to get relief from the back pain within a limited amount of time. And these exercises can diminish soreness and pain in short period of time.

Thomas Gehrmann

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