Why Chiropractor Recommends Stretching Exercises Everyday?

Why Chiropractor Recommends Stretching Exercises Everyday?

“Imagine waking up one morning with a frozen shoulder where you couldn’t move your upper arm more than a few inches in any direction. How much would that impact your ability to do your job, to drive your car or even to dress yourself? And how much would that affect your ability to concentrate on anything other than your shoulder? Obviously, if your shoulder did not move correctly, it would have a dramatic impact on your life. Thomas Gehrmann, Colorado Springschiropractor recommends stretching exercises every day.

Learn more about the stretching exercises and how to cope with the pain using stretches with Thomas Gehrmann, Chiropractor from Colorado Springs.

Many patients with severe low back pain report that their pain came on suddenly. And it happens when they do something as simple as bend down to put on their socks or pick up the newspaper. Just about everyone would agree that a person’s body should be able to handle such simple movements. So what has happened?

“In every one of these cases, the joints of the patient’s body were “all locked up” — they were barely moving at all,” says Thomas Gehrmann. “When the joints in one area of the body do not move the way they should, other areas of the body are forced to move more in order to compensate. This creates a significant stress on those areas that have to pick up the slack, and it soon leads to pain and inflammation. At the same time, the areas that don’t have normal movement will slowly worsen as the muscles continue to tighten, the joints stick together, and the ligaments and tendons shorten. This leaves the body in a very unstable condition; if left unchecked, this process will continue until the body can hardly move at all. That is how a person comes to suffer flare-ups of pain at the slightest provocation.”

Maintaining Mobility Using Stretching Exercises

Most of us have seen people who have lost most of their normal mobility: they look like bodies have been starched stiff whenever they try to move around. This is especially prevalent among the elderly. Thomas Gehrmann notes that contrary to popular belief, however, this is not an inevitable effect of aging. Whereas it is the inevitable effect of not maintaining the body’s mobility through exercise, healthy alignment, and body mechanics. There are older people who are stronger than the average person, simply because they do stretching exercising daily.

Maintaining mobility is critical in order to live free from pain and disability. And maintaining good mobility is not difficult, but it does not happen on its own. Just as in developing a good posture, it is necessary that you perform specific stretching exercises to keep your muscles, ligaments, and tendons flexible and healthy. In addition, it is necessary that all of the joints in your body are kept moving correctly as well. Although this can be achieved to a great degree through stretching exercises. Most people also find routine chiropractic adjustments to be very beneficial.


Tom Gehrmann has also been a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs since the fall of 1999. For more information visit his website at https://thomasgehrmann.com

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