Use of Chiropractic for Sciatica

Use of Chiropractic for Sciatica

An alternative Medical treatment for sciatica is called chiropractic, says Tom Gehrmann from Colorado Springs. Patients that tried this treatment method didn’t take drugs and felt relieved. Chiropractic is safe to use on patients.

A chiropractor called Tom Gehrmann states how chiropractic can be used for sciatica. Tom Gehrmann has worked as a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs for two decades. He loves Colorado Springs because of its natural beauty.

Tom explains that Sciatica is commonly experienced by more than 30% of the population.

People who experience small sciatica pain feel relieved without taking anything. Those with severe sciatica have weak muscles and feel extreme pain.

Normal Sciatica Treatments

  • Change of lifestyles
  • Take pain relievers
  • Physical Therapies
  • Surgeries for worst-case scenarios
  • Alternative Medical care

Sciatica Definition

Patients feel pain when their sciatic-nerve is pinched. This discomfort is called sciatic pain. These patients’ nerves traveled from their backs downward to each hip. Then the nerves moved to both legs of the patients. When the patients feel pain, the pain occurs in any areas the nerves travel to. Some patients feel sciatic pain only on their left or right body parts. It can be extreme pain or dull pain. The pain may come as though the patient is electrocuted. It may also come as a throbbing ache. Patients feel weakness or numbness in their legs.

Causes of Sciatic Ache

It is commonly induced by disc hernias of the spines that press on the sciatica nerves are located. Bone spurs of patients suffering from sciatica press on their nerves. Narrowed spines that rely heavily on the nerves are another cause of sciatica.

Little sciatica pain goes away without treatments. If the pain persists, please go to a healthcare professional.

If you don’t treat sciatica, it can permanently destroy its nerve. Patients who do not get treated cannot control their bladders and bowel movements. They may not be able to move the legs where they feel pain.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic has many therapeutic methods. Among the treatments is manipulating the spines of the affected patients. This helps to remove the ache they feel and other health issues.

Before you become a licensed chiropractor, you need to go to school. After that, you must graduate to become a chiropractic medical expert. When you graduate, you can start working as an alternative medical doctor. Then you have to get licensed in the area where you practice.

Chiropractors use holistic treatments for their patients. They focus on all the body parts and give equal care and attention. They are different from modern medical doctors that focus on only the affected part.

Chiropractors will first inquire about the patients’ medical histories. It gives them the knowledge required to make personalized treatment plans.

Do X-rays so that the doctors can know the cause of the ache. X-rays will show them whether the problem is from the patients’ spines.

Treatment Method

The patients are asked to stretch their bodies and apply force to their bones. This pressure is regulated by the doctors.

Home exercises are given to patients to deal with the aches. Dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended to the patients.

Chiropractic doctors like Tom Gehrmann, advice their patients to come for treatment many times to remove their pain.

Why Do Patients Look for Chiropractors?

People with chronic pain, sciatica, and other health conditions look for chiropractors. Chiropractors have treatment plans to manage pain that lasts for a long time. Most people prefer to take medicine daily.

Patients who have used physical therapists and drugs with no effect try this method.

It is not difficult to locate a chiropractor in your area. Patients don’t have to get referrals from other doctors before seeing chiropractors.

In normal healthcare centers, patients have to wait in line before they are attended to. Chiropractic patients are immediately attended to by their doctors. They don’t need to wait for long.

There are many health insurance coverage plans for chiropractic treatments. Patients can apply for the best one and get quality chiropractic healthcare.

Lifestyle Changes as Prescribed by Tom Gehrmann

  • Never sit in the same posture for a long time. This can increase sciatic pain. You can change positions often while you work.
  • When you are working, give yourself short breaks.
  • Exercise as often and as prescribed by your doctor. Perform waist and back exercises to increase your stamina. Ensure you exercise slowly to avoid an increase in the sciatic ache.
  • Do hamstrings, core, hip, and backstretches.
  • Apply ice pads to the affected area to remove the pain. Apply it for fifteen mins, remove it, and then apply again.
  • Practice yoga to increase your form. Yoga strengthens our bodies. It makes our bodies flexible and relieves body aches.
  • Apply heat to the affected area. Use either warm water, a heating pad, a hot pad, and so on.
  • Attempt acupuncture to regulate the discomfort.
  • Try for a massage to make your muscles loose. When you feel stressed and tense, massage aids body relaxation.


It is best to go to healthcare centers immediately if you suffer from sciatica.

If you want chiropractic treatment for sciatica ache, consult Tom Gehrmann in Colorado Springs.

Thomas Gehrmann

Thomas Gehrmann is a Chiropractor in Colorado Springs and helps in Chiropractic Adjustments.
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